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Isobel Loftus

I am a life-long stitcher, but fairly new to the world of quilt making. I am thoroughly enjoying discovering all I can about this wonderful arts and crafts practice!

I studied textiles at Manchester, specialising in embroidered textiles. I went in to teaching in further education: teaching textile design, drawing and craft-design development. When my children were younger, I started to sell items on-line. I now have an established e-bay shop, selling a collection of sewing & embroidery supplies, and I have recently started to sell my hand made items on Etsy.

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Three years ago I decided to complete some half-worked projects. I had saved some of my childrens' clothes from their baby-days, with the intention of making them into a quilt day! I had cut out squares and hexagons and left them stored in a cupboard. So 'the day' came: I gave myself time and permission to sew those pieces together in to a quilt. It was so much fun, and I learnt so much! From that point onwards, you could say that I've been hooked on quilt making!

Before I became a member of the Guild I learned about quilt making by browsing the internet and reading books. I post pictures of my textile work on Instagram, where I have found an inspiring and supportive quilting community. But it is so wonderful to meet with other quilt makers at Guild meetings; I love to see what others' have been making, chat about techniques & fabric etc etc!

I am continually learning. Each quilt I have made has introduced me to different techniques. I really enjoy making blocks, varying the colours, joining them together...and seeing the pattern grow. I make quilts to be used as bed covers & throws: sometimes they are hung on the wall.

It is only through making, and repeated practice, that we can begin to identify our own preferences, our own approach and style. I still feel that this is early days for me, but I hope to develop my own unique approach to quilt making as time goes by.

My aim to share the joy of quilt making and inspire others. I promote stitching for all ages and abilities. Please contact me if you are interested in me presenting a talk or workshop to your guild.

February 2019

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I am available as a teacher and a speaker.

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